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Ideal for night time coyote calling, prairie dogs, or portable deer stand



Take your hunting to the next level!

Available for most full- and mid-size pickup trucks.

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Fits most pickup beds (adjustable width)

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Line of sight 10-12’ off the ground

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360 degree swivel, (single chair model only)

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In use for over 15 years

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Easy to install/remove, 3 component parts: base, pedestal and chair

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Available in one or two chair models, can accommodate lights for predator hunting

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Perfect for sendero hunting, South or West Texas

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Has been used in WTBBC

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Pricing starts at $2,750 for Single chair model, $3,250 for Dual chair

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Puppy boxes starting at $450, contact us for more info!

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We also offer a smaller unit to fit Ford Ranger and Toyota Tacoma, with a 24in x 24in pedestal platform (slightly smaller than the 30in x 30in platform on full-sized models)

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Adaptation available to allow use of the high tower system on Flatbed Hunting Trucks

Each flatbed is different and we can provide side supports to mount the adaptor into the stake pockets. The whole unit then bolts together with tie downs on each side of pedestal mounts. Please call for further info!

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Evolution of Briscoe's High Tower Hunting Chair

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was our High Tower Shooting Chair!

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